Meet the Expressions

expressions teamerika jonesWomen’s basketball has undergone a remarkable evolution in the past 10 years as we’ve pursued our vision to create a sister league.  I’m proud to be able to provide opportunities for women to continue their playing careers. I believe we are a league of opportunity and I am confident that the additional exposure afforded to the women of our league will have a tremendous impact on their professional basketball careers.
What is clearer than ever before, is that the success of our league will rest heavily on oour ability to find team owners, who are committed to our customers and communities in which our teams reside. The ability of our league to offer sports-minded entrepreneurs an affordable ownership opportunity is something for which I am extremely proud.

Our goals for the league now specify that we hold ourselves accountable for performing well in each of the cities in which a WABA team calls home. In my new role as CEO, it will be my responsibility for developing and coordinating the league’s sustainability and growth strategy
and overseeing the overall business health of each of our teams.  I believe my experience as a basketball player and entrepreneur have prepared me well to serve as your CEO.  Congratulations to the Jersey Expressions for capturing the 1st WABA Title.

Marsha Blunt CEO WABA