Prospective Sponsors


Dear Prospective Sponsors,

Every year, we invite local businesses to sponsor our team. It is important to us to partner with business owners in the community who appreciate having a local professional basketball team. We naturally would like to open up this opportunity to all businesses; however, service-related businesses tend to experience substantial benefits when sponsoring our team.

Sponsoring either the Jersey Express or Expressions is not only a great way to get involved with the community; it’s also an amazing form of marketing your business.  The Express is the longest-standing team in the American Basketball Association (2005) while the ladies of the Jersey Expressions compete in the first season of the Women’s American Basketball Association.  Your business will have branding in front of more than 1000 people each week. With that type of exposure everyone will remember your business.

When consumers and potential clients see your brand behind a charity run, fair or other project it will create a heightened sense of trust and increase its credibility. It appeals to people’s human nature and shows that your business is interested in the local community, in some cases distinguishing it against competitors.

This year, we are asking for $500 to $1000 in exchange for the following:

  • Your logo on our equipment
  • An invitation to attend two of our games where your business will be introduced during halftime
  • Email blasts to our families thanking you for your sponsorship
  • A picture of our team to hang in your office
  • A handwritten thank you card at the end of the season
  • An invitation to participate in our pre-season and post-season banquet, respectively.

Your sponsorship will help subsidize the cost of new equipment/apparel and travel expenses.

We understand that you have several choices when considering different marketing and community outreach opportunities, but we truly believe that this is a great fit for service-related businesses.   If you want something a little more customized in return for your sponsorship, we are very open to your ideas.

I know that your business does a great job of improving the community, and we thank you for your continued support. You are making New Jersey a better place to live.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at (973)524-0286 or [email protected]

Thank you,

Jason Lampa, MBA